“I’ve still got sand… in my shoes . . .”

… well, not sand but a little grit. 3 days back into the 20 mile-a-day grind but the memory of our 48hrs in Conservacion Patagonica is still super-fresh.


Highlights of Valle Chacabuco:

  • Fresh prints of puma: sharing our very same pathway during his night’s wonderings – we are waiting to see if the motion-sensor camera we placed with Luigi has recorded his presence on film . . .

  • Austral pygmy owl slumbering during an afternoon siesta

  • The vizcacha which was far too busy in its gallery to turn up, ensuring that at some point in the future we will have to return to witness the on-going evolution of the park

  • And last but not least the beautifully long-lashed eyes of the Guanacos, heart-breakers (special credit for anybody who can think why they have evolved like this..?)

    Really fantastic to know personally where our much needed donations are going to, please click here to help us to help these guys. Thanks CP for having us!!
    now, about getting rid of that grit . . . .


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